Hello every one join us now it's free Register u can Download game it's free.

Please Respect our Rules.

You can Report If you have any bug.

our game play 2 win each one can make he's char strong as donate.

u have uniques apperd 24/7 drop donate coin in each reverse point in map.

FB items in npc.ASF tools working .all u need just spend more time online.Enjoy

Welcome To Avatar-Sro
The Game Play :


- Pvp Server
- Level cap 130
- All player max+20
- No alchemy in server
- Mastery level total CH 520
- Mastery level total EU 260

Enjoy playing Avatar-Sro Online

Start Items

- New Skills
- 50 reverse
- Start SP 20M
- Start Lvl 130
- Start Gold 10M
- 15 Arena Coin
- Chiness 4 Build
- Start Silk Free100K

Enjoy playing Avatar-Sro Online


- Auto system events
- CTF working Every 30 Min
- Hotan fortress war working
- Constantinople war working
- Arena working Every 30 Min
- Jangan fortress war working
- Bandit fortress war working

Enjoy playing Avatar-Sro Online

Some other Info

New avatars
- PK Removed
- New Petra Area
- New Survival Area
- New teleport area
- Items D14 FB in npc
- Donate.Free.Quest Titles
- Auto lucky number system
- New effects/glow on weapons
- Auto PVP System working 24/7
- Auto H&S System working 24/7
- Auto Trivia System working 24/7
- Auto Wanted System working 24/7
- Auto GM Kill System working 24/7
- Auto Unique System working 24/7
- NPC area everything u needs are available there
- Lots of the new avatars are available in our server into Npc
- As usual from Avatar-Sro we offer all the new and
- Exclusive in our server
- We are 1st server in all private server
- Edded Auto survival pvp system-Last Man Standing
- Some info about system:-
- Time event:-each 3h survival pvp system will start

- How i can registar:-just send 2 times pm [survival] to SURVIVAL_PVP
- How long time registar is open:- 2 min before registar end
- After that who pm system will recall him to area and start event
- When event start u will turned to Red war mode
- Kill all as u can .all dead player will back to city and cant back to area again
- Last player who can Defeated most player and stand alone in area will winner

- Event will finish after 30 min from recall player or when some one win
- Reward:-title <<[Winner event survival pvp last man standing ]>> and 50 donate coin

Best Regards,

Avatar-Sro Online

[GM] AVA - Game Master
ADMIN: Avatar-Sro Online
Skype: AvatarFire1-Avatar-Sro
Global Hub OF Fun
Fortress Status:
Register:Every Day.12.00 AM~12.00 PM
Time Playing:Monday-Friday.8.00~9.00 PM
Fortress Guild Tax
Jangan: Expendabless Tax: 20%
Hotan: WarCommandoS Tax: 20%
Bandit: ButcherZ_ Tax: 20%
Constantinople: Moon_Guard Tax: 20%
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