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Server upgrade To Dgree 15

Full Items D15 Full Blue Stats 61% in npc

events 24/7 auto system

The Free For All Event is currently running,
Inside the table on the right, you can see the Participants & their kills

New upgrade d15 Toggle (at 17/06/15)

New Survival pvp Toggle (at 26/05/15)

New New Auto System Toggle (at 29/03/15)

New Times CTF-ARENA-Cave Toggle (at 25/05/14)

New Read this Toggle (at 24/05/14)

New FTW time Toggle (at 21/04/14)

New Server info Toggle (at 26/11/13)

Fortress War

Tax 20%

Jangan: Crown

Tax 20%

Hotan: KingsOfGame

Tax 20%

Bandit: BrotherHooDz

Tax 20%

Constantinople: BlackTeam

Player Count

Server Avatar-Sro: Online

Job Balance

Balance of current online Characters