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New Jupiter is open posted by Admin at 12-04-14 | Comments (0)

Now jupiter cave is open

add 8 uniuqe inside drop coins

Go our page FB to see spots


Rules of the game very important posted by Admin at 02-04-14 | Comments (2)

Advertisement of any another server

Any bad words-Insult in Global chat

PK in events

All this will lead u to a block

Respect our ruls to avoiad block

We dont back any stolen items

be smart and never give any one your info

we dont ask for any items or any thing


start event bandit 29/3-29/4 2014 posted by Admin at 28-03-14 | Comments (1)

Start event Bandit for one month

every friday guild winner FTW bandit will recived 1k coin

G.L all and enjoy

Start event Hotan FTW 14/3/2014 Until 14/4/2014 posted by Admin at 12-03-14 | Comments (1)

Start event for Hotan FTW from this friday 14/3.to 14/4/2014

guild winner each player get 500 coin

rewerd will send to master to share he's guild


Server info posted by Admin at 26-11-13 | Comments (7)

No Alchemy in the server
All players max +12 Sun D14 Items No Adv
Adv +8 in Npc by 1 Gold
New Skills
Gold Rate 80x
Drop Rate 80x
Start Lv 130
Start Gold 1B
Start SP 10M
Start Silk Free100K
*Jangan fortress war full working.
*Hotan fortress war full working.
*Bandit fortress war fullyworking.
*Constantinople war full working.
*CTF full working.
*Arena full working.
Better game play ... more fun ... more fair ... Best System

Watch our Video:-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wdzoJdlAl5o


Offical Face Page:- posted by Admin at 04-09-13 | Comments (9)

Offical Face Page:- https://www.facebook.com/AvatarSroOnline