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Weekly Events Time posted by Admin at 14-06-14 | Comments (7)

- Thursday - Weekly Champion Event

- Friday - Fortress War

- Saturday - Weekly Roc Non donate event

- Sunday - Weekly Roc donate event

- Monday - Fortress War

- Tuesday - Weekly PVP donate event

- Wednesday - Weekly PVP Non donate event

Event Hotan posted by Admin at 09-06-14 | Comments (2)

WTS any items for real money blocked

Job Cave able 14 time per day

Bandit Constantiople Jangan Fortress has been disabled Hotan able for ragistration

Winner Hotan every Friday get 500 donate coin for each player

Every Monday event thief vs hunter

Winner pt  get rawerd 500 donate coin for each player

We dont ask any one for hes items or any thing

We dont back any stolen char so keep your info safe

We doing our best for more game fair and fun


New Update posted by Admin at 02-06-14 | Comments (4)

WTS-WTB any thing in game for real money baned

Res scrolls-Global chat now in Package (11)

Collect word happy from mobs 125 to get

Scrolls Attack-Parry rate 100%

Scrolls Attack-Parry rate 30%

Scrolls Speed

Scrolls HP-MP 4200

Scrolls Res

Change price some potion to arena coin


Times CTF-ARENA-Cave posted by Admin at 25-05-14 | Comments (0)

CTF able every 2h per day

Reward CTF 1 coin for killer

Arena able every 2h per day

Reward Arena 25 coin for winner.10 coin for lose

Holy Water Tample able 2 time Per day

Uniqes inside Tample drop 20 coin

Tample Job able 14 time per day

Uniqes inside Job cave drop 30 coin

WTS any thing for L.E or $ blocked

Any insult in global chat will blocked

We dont ask any one for hes items or any thing

We dont back any stolen char so keep your info safe

We doing our best for more game fair and fun


Read this posted by Admin at 24-05-14 | Comments (5)

from now no one able to wts any items in game by L.E  or $


scamers make this way to get your money and scame u


if i saw any globals with wts will baned





How Can u Get Donate Coins posted by Admin at 14-05-14 | Comments (11)

All unique drop donate coin start 20 coin to 300 coin

U can Farm ZS from viper apper 2 time per day drop 5 zs and 100 coin

U can Farm in holy water tample

U can Farm in Cave thief+hunter

Farm in CTF

Farm in arena

Unique Rank

Battle Arena(BA)

Capture the flag(CTF)

Each Friday have event for FTW winner get 50k coin

Mobs 125 in bahgded city Drop arena coin for new black dress and others

Mbot allowed

ASF allowed on our website


New Event Roc posted by Admin at 13-05-14 | Comments (1)

-Viper apperd near JG cave every day 2 time drop 5 zs

and 100 Coin

-All hight HP arabian drop over 150 coin

-Add Arabian khulood

-Removed Scroll Res-Globals from Uniques

-Every Friday after FTW we have event Roc

-killer win new title

-There is no zerk by us u can use zs or zerk potion

-No more TG in events if u need more point hunt more uniques

-We doing our best for more fair and fun


removed some skills posted by Admin at 29-04-14 | Comments (1)

Game is working fine now w/o any problems

Dont buy Behemoth from any FTW cuez its will buged your char

Closed Skills Dance for Bard

Closed Skills Pain-Fence-Screen for warrior

Closed Skills Int-Str-Black res Cleric

Closed Skills Pain for chines

Closed Skills Reflect for warlock

Bug Pillis fixed


PVp Rules posted by Admin at 27-04-14 | Comments (1)

1-Vital allowed for warrior vs int players only

2-skins+bless+full heal+magic def-phy def buff not allowed for str players only cycle allowed

3-Reflect not allowed for warlock str players

4-trap bug sleep not allowed for warlock build

5-Snow shield allowed for int chine

6-Devil+zerk allowed when the gm or ga say it

7-sockets not allowed in the pvp events



FTW time posted by Admin at 21-04-14 | Comments (2)

Friday-Monday egy time 8.00~9.00 Pm


Jupiter is closed posted by Admin at 12-04-14 | Comments (1)

Now jupiter cave is closed

All arabian uniuqe spawen round map in reverse point



Rules of the game very important posted by Admin at 02-04-14 | Comments (2)

Advertisement of any another server

Any bad words-Insult in Global chat

PK in events

All this will lead u to a block

Respect our ruls to avoiad block

We dont back any stolen items

be smart and never give any one your info

we dont ask for any items or any thing


start event bandit 29/3-29/4 2014 posted by Admin at 28-03-14 | Comments (2)

Start event Bandit for one month

every friday guild winner FTW bandit will recived 1k coin

G.L all and enjoy

Start event Hotan FTW 14/3/2014 Until 14/4/2014 posted by Admin at 12-03-14 | Comments (1)

Start event for Hotan FTW from this friday 14/3.to 14/4/2014

guild winner each player get 500 coin

rewerd will send to master to share he's guild


Server info posted by Admin at 26-11-13 | Comments (10)

No Alchemy in the server

All players max +12 Sun D14 Items No Adv

Adv +8 in Npc by 1 Gold

New Skills

Gold Rate 80x

Drop Rate 80x

Start Lv 130

Start Gold 1B

Start SP 13M

Start Silk Free100K

*Jangan fortress war full working.

*Hotan fortress war full working.

*Bandit fortress war full working.

*Constantinople war full working.

*CTF full working.

*Arena full working.

*All Reverse point into the Map have Unique Drop Donate Coins

"Better game play ... more fun ... more fair.

Fortress Status:
Fortress Guild Tax
Jangan: HardCoReTeaM Tax: 20%
Hotan: RapedTeam Tax: 20%
Bandit: TheBroThers_ Tax: 20%
Constantinople: HardCoRe0neS Tax: 20%
Server info:

Server info :

Experience rate: 400x
Party Experience rate: 350x
Gold drop coeficent: 300x
Item drop coeficent: 60x

Status :

Game Server:
Accounts: 24572
Characters: 34895
Guilds: 906

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